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Sustainability is important when choosing materials for new homes or for green remodeling projects. Sustainability means that as few natural resources are used as possible, without impacting the environment or wildlife habitat. Many people think of modern green homebuilding as a science-fiction inspired experiment that won’t hold up to the elements or time the way traditional materials would. This is simply not true. Today’s green technologies allow old materials to be recycled. They may be recycled into something new, like concrete aggregates that become cement or concrete, or they may be recycled and made into fiberboard that lasts as long as brick. The new materials can be painted or colored in such a way that they look like wood, brick, or stone. Using the newest technology does not mean you will be stuck with an ugly home that does not have the kind of curb appeal you want. You can remodel an older home to be more green and keep the character of the existing structure, or you can build a brand new home that integrates all the newest green technology in any neighborhood, and your house won’t look strange compared to your neighbors’ homes. The place we call home should be more than an environmentally-friendly shelter. It should reflect our style and our personality, and it should be both comfortable and comforting to its occupants. Today’s green technology allows us to do just that.