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There are more tax incentives available for green home improvements, new construction of green homes and businesses in green buildings than are noted in the news. There are property tax abatements, utility incentives, loans and grants available to be used by taxpayers.

Many of the Federal tax incentives for green home improvements and new home construction will expire at the end of 2011, but municipalities have many incentives that won’t expire this year. Congress may even extend the incentives that are currently in place. What this means for us is that if the Federal incentives expire, green home building products that save energy like windows, doors and appliances may become somewhat less expensive, because fewer people may be installing them without the monetary incentive to do so.

Using recycled materials, energy saving windows, doors and appliances, and solar panels to save energy saves money in the long run. Some people in the Houston area are even selling the energy from solar panels that they aren’t using back to the utility companies. Houston has a property tax abatement program for green homes and green businesses. The message here is not to give up on going green with your new home or your renovation project just because the tax credits will expire on December 31. There are still plenty of incentives available, outside the obvious savings of energy and money incurred when you build green.

For more information about tax incentives and grant and loans for green construction, go to: . You can find information about these incentives for every state.