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 People in the market to build a luxury home have many things to consider. Cost of construction, location of the home, floor plans, architecture, landscaping. Have you considered green factors? Just because a home is a luxury home does not mean it can’t be green. Green homes help prevent urban sprawl, which helps save animal habitat, and preserves plant life, especially that of endangered plants and animals, too. Green homes use less energy, thereby helping reduce environmental pollution. Green homes are also made of recycled materials, thereby preserving existing forests and other natural resources. We all live on this wonderful planet we call Earth together. Humans, plants, and animals share space, as they have since the beginning of time. Pollution caused by humanity has caused climate change before the Earth was ready to go through the next evolutionary phase in the cycle. Building your home green, however, does not mean sacrificing comfort or luxury. Water collection systems that allow rain to be used for flushing toilets, solar panels to be used to power your home, gray water recycling to water the landscaping plants which are native to the area, and recycled building materials are all great parts of the green luxury home puzzle. Sustainability, non-toxic materials, recycling of materials and gray water and utilizing strategic placement to get the best benefit of natural light and rainwater collection are important to the home and the environment. In short, your new luxury home should be a green home because it’s the right thing to do for the Earth and all Her inhabitants.