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 The US Department of Agriculture has recently released a report showing the goodness and sustainability of certified green wood building materials from America’s Working Forests. Working Forests provide jobs and a stable economy in rural America, absorb carbon dioxide emissions, provide quality eco-friendly building materials that can be cut and used in new construction, recycled, up-cycled, and reused many times. Working Forests also are replanted with new trees, keeping the environment and the land stable. They also provide incentive for land owners to keep standing timber on their property. Working Forests provide so much for so many. Wildlife habitat, hunting and fishing opportunities for outdoorsmen and women, hiking, biking and walking trails, and these forests, since they do store carbon and carbon emissions, keep the water clean for swimming and drinking. In addition to providing a stable rural economy, they help to provide safe, fun outdoor activities for everyone from artists painting landscapes to hunters and fishers, as well as the eco-friendly materials we all want in our homes. Certified green wood for construction of a green home is a stable, high-quality, sustainable choice in building a luxury green home. It’s great for floors, ceiling beams, and other uses. Wood from Working Forests is also used in wood-aggregate materials used in window framing, the making of solid interior and exterior doors. When you choose wood products from America’s Working Forests, you help the economy, the environment, and in return, you get the highest-quality materials around.