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We all love our pets. They give us comfort when we are sad, they share our joys and our sorrows, and they love us unconditionally. Dogs bring down our blood pressure when we stroke their fur, and their loveable smiles and funny antics make us love them that much more. Our pets live with us, of course, they do, inside whenever we are inside. Unfortunately, many of us must be gone all day making money to pay bills and buy Fido’s favorite kibble.

Being trapped inside for 9 hours or more each day can lead to accidents in the house. Fido certainly doesn’t like to go where he eats and sleeps- that’s a natural fact. And we certainly don’t like to clean up after Fido in the house. So, as responsible dog owners who much prefer a clean house, Fido has a fenced-in area where he can run free in the yard, and a doghouse complete with food and water bowls. We’ve considered what our homes are built of, but what about Fido? Is his doghouse insulated against the wind and cold and rain? Does he have air conditioning or a fan in his house in the summer? He does wear a fur coat year round; probably gets pretty hot.

Consider building Fido an insulated, air-conditioned, house out of reclaimed or recycled materials. It will be much kinder to the earth, and much better for your dog, too. He loves you unconditionally- shouldn’t you show a little gratitude for his love and protection and companionship?