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Green homebuilding concepts are often discussed among builders and city Supervisory Boards across the country when it comes to sustainable, eco- friendly low-to-moderate Income housing. The concepts in building this housing are rarely used, however, due to some Board Members’ fears of extra expense on tax dollars, mistaken beliefs that green-built housing is not as sturdy as traditional multi-family housing, and that green-built multifamily housing would not save the residents of that housing anywhere near the money it claims to save. This is a shame, because cities everywhere besides Houston could be leading the way to a greener, more sustainable way of life that is already in existence. The air could be cleaner, homes could be healthier for families, and utility bills could be significantly lowered- below utility companies’ budget plan rates- for retirees, disabled veterans, and people receiving Social Security Disability Insurance due to a chronic illness or an injury that prevents them from working. Imagine how much better everyone’s lives could be if these initiatives were really to take hold across the country. Wouldn’t that be great for everyone?