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Aggregate siding is typically used on green homes for its sustainability, durability, and attractiveness. Aggregate siding is backed with insulation to help seal warm or cool air in, dust out, and provide superior soundproofing from the outside world. Aggregate siding uses small bits of recycled stone or brick, Portland cement, some polymer content, and mineral oxide pigments to form the brick or stone look you want for your home, with very little need for maintenance from you, the homeowner. This siding is often molded against real stones or bricks, and given a flat back, to achieve the most realistic look, while giving the most stable installation in your new luxury green home. Aggregates can also be used in fireplace mantles, for flooring, windowsills, and walkways. Aggregate materials look exactly like real bricks and real stones, without the need for mortar to keep them in place. Mortar eventually must be replaced, but aggregate siding lasts nearly forever. You can have aggregate siding in every color and shade of bricks from yellow-blonde to antique deep red. You can have aggregate stone siding in every imaginable color of stone, from nearly white to nearly black, even browns and natural reds. Aggregate siding is limited only to your imagination when it comes to style and color. For patios, you can use recycled or reclaimed bricks or stones, which are beautiful, durable, and won’t end up in a landfill. There’s no limit to the recycled, reused, repurposed and aggregate materials you can use both inside and outside your beautiful new home.