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Sunrooms have been much-advertised in areas where summer heat is oppressive and humid. Imagine the things you can do with the space inside a green built sunroom. These rooms are open to sunlight for as long as possible during the day, while controlled climate inside means you can grow cold-weather leafy  greens and other cold-weather vegetables. You can grow hot-weather vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers, even corn, if you wanted to, in indoor flower beds and containers. You can set up an irrigation system that uses grey water, like from showers and laundry, saving that resource for later use.

Anything you’d choose would grow, at nearly any time you choose. And the smell of growing things is soothing, a pleasantly-spiced air ripe with growing things is an appealing thought. From roses to rhubarb, or orchids to okra. With a height enough ceiling, you could even plant fruit trees inside, if you wanted. No going out in the heat or the cold or during bad weather. Built up beds with a watering system allow people with arthritis or back problems to over exert and overwork themselves, causing pain.

Imagine the fresh, clean air in your home from these indoor gardens. You can place benches or chaise lounges in places around the b eds, to enjoy the garden or the flowers as much as possible. A sunroom with well-sealed construction keeps more energy in. This means you can easily get the energy you need from solar panels, so you aren’t running up the utilities. Consider a green room or a sunroom when you build your home. You won’t regret having one.