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Here at Solution 4 Living, we are always curious about where our building materials originate. We like knowing that we’ve brought the best, most durable and sustainable materials to you to build your green luxury home. Out of curiosity one day, we decided to take a look at how shingles are made from recycled tires.

Recycled rubber shingles come from car and truck tires. The sidewalls are cut off by a huge machine, and the tread section of the tire is then cut into large chunks. Then all the tread is buffed off of the pieces. Next, the shingles are coated with sawdust or slate dust that comes from mills or recycled slate. The coated pieces are then heated and molded into shape, so that they look like wood, slate, or any other traditional roofing material. A plastic tab is then added to each shingle so that it can be securely nailed down. Recycled rubber shingles still have the steel belting inside, making them even more durable.

These shingles are more durable than traditional shingles, are as attractive as traditional roofing materials, and they are less expensive. In addition, shingles made from recycled tires help the environment by keeping tires out of landfills. Even the sidewalls are recycled for use as landscaping materials.

Watch this space for more information about green building materials and how they are made.