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In our last posting, we discussed how shingles are made for eco-friendly and green homes using old truck tires. This month, we look at composite siding.

Composite siding is usually made of recycled materials, such wood, stone and concrete aggregates or even old tires. Sawdust, pieces of cement or brick or pieces of old tires are mixed together with special bonding agents, put into molds and hardened either by heat or by the cooling and bonding of the adhesive or cement used to create the siding panels. Next, the pieces are coated with weather-resistant laminate, which is often colored to look like traditional building materials such as brick or clapboard.

Eco-friendly composite siding can be made to look like any traditional building material you desire, and be any color you desire. Composite siding protects the structure of your home just as much as traditional siding, with less cost, and it is not prone to water or termite damage. Most composite siding can be painted if you want to do that, and only needs repainting about every ten years, compared with the yearly scraping and painting of traditional clapboard siding.

Composite siding comes ready to be hung, like other siding types, but the naked eye cannot perceive that it is not made of brick, stone or wood, as with vinyl siding that is made to look like clapboards. The large sheets of composite siding go up faster than traditional siding, as well, reducing the wait you have to get into your awesome new home significantly.

Reducing landfill usage, reducing waste, conserving the environment, and making a home look absolutely beautiful are goals that homebuyers and builders alike are always striving to meet. Composite siding is one of the many offerings that help us reach those goals.