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Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Odds are that if you are like most homeowners, the kitchen truly is a primary space in your home. Consequently, if you are going to renovate this all-important space, you want to get it right. Towards that objective, these are 10 kitchen remodel tips that you want to keep in mind as you plan your renovations.

The Kitchen Triangle

In this day and age, kitchens are coming in a myriad of different shapes and layouts. With that understood, there is one design tactic that has worked for decades. We call it the “kitchen triangle,” and highly recommend that as you plan for a remodel, you adhere to this concept.

The kitchen triangle calls for the placement of the stove, refrigerator, and sink in a triangle formation, with no more than six feet between them. By including the triangle scheme in your kitchen design, you create highly functional, efficient workspace that enhances the enjoyment of time spent in this space.

Storage, Storage … and More Storage

The biggest mistake many people make in a kitchen remodel is not planning for enough storage. They focus on new appliances, flooring, and countertops, but don’t spend enough time plotting how storage can be optimized in remodeled kitchen. The key is to use every bit of “dead space” for storage possible. For example, there is no reason why cabinets cannot extend to the ceiling. Leaving a gap between cabinet tops and the ceiling serves only one unfortunate purpose: the collection of dust.

Let There be Light — and A Lot of It

Yet another common kitchen design flub is a lack of great lighting. A kitchen only ceiling lighting is limited. Consider installing under-countertop lighting. This addition will smartly illuminate countertops and commonly used workspaces in the kitchen.

Confirm Power Sources

No, it’s not glamorous. Nor is it exciting. However, as part of your kitchen remodel due diligence, you must make certain that you have proper power sources for any new appliances you intend to introduce into your kitchen. This includes making certain that a particular power source can accommodate a specific appliance. You also need to make sure that a power source is readily accessible to the locations of where you intend to place new appliances.

Countertops and Other Surfaces

Time and again, homeowners grouse about not having enough counter space or other work surfaces in a kitchen. You may be among them. Thus, when plotting a kitchen remodel, make counter space and other work surfaces a priority. Selecting some type of seamless countertop is also advisable. For example, the grout needed between tile can be harder to clean and sanitize.

Keep Safety First

Never sacrifice safety for style when remodeling your kitchen. Keep some basic safety considerations in mind as you plot and plan for your new kitchen:

  • select slip-resistant flooring
  • install countertops with round edges
  • install ovens at adult height to protect the kids
  • in a home with kids, ensure the kitchen as good vantage of primary play areas

Protect the Interior Air

The air quality in most residences is far worse than what is found out of doors, even in some of the most polluted cities. Protect yourself and your family when doing a kitchen remodel and install a range hood over your stove and oven. Select a range hood that vents outside. This addition to your kitchen will significantly aid in improving and protecting the quality of air in your home.

Plan for Trash and Recycling

Yet another element of a kitchen that oftentimes is overlooked in the renovation process is trash containment. As you formulate your plans, make sure you figure out where your trash and recycling bins will be maintained. If you compost, take that into consideration as well.

Place Proper Flooring

Flooring was touched on a moment ago when reference was made to selecting something that is slip-resistant. When thinking about the kind of flooring options available to you, focus not only on safety but durability and maintenance requirements as well. Overall, natural hard stone represents a flooring selection that meets the needs of safety, durability, and easier maintenance.

Go With Fresh Appliances

Finally, when remodeling your home, seriously consider getting new major appliances. By going with new appliances, you are spending a bit more money. However, you are also ensuring that the appliances you end up with in your kitchen fit in and harmonize with the redesigned space. You can reduce appliance costs by planning ahead and taking advantage of sales.

By following these pointers, you will create a kitchen that meets your needs, goals, and objectives. You will have an ideal space to prepare wonderful meals and to enjoy time with your family and friends. You truly will craft a kitchen that becomes the heart of your home.