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If you are like many people, you find yourself more attracted to different types of smart home technologies with each passing year. There is no doubt that innovative smart home technologies make life easier, more comfortable, and even safer with each passing year. These technologies are designed to harmonize and integrate with your own home design and décor schemes. There are six important, dynamic smart home trends to pay attention to during 2019.

Home Security Takes Another Leap Forward

Smart home technology has been particularly a part of residential security systems in recent years. In 2019, expect to take smart home security to take yet another leap forward for a number of reasons. These include:

  • A new generation of sleeker, higher resolution security cameras will be available during the year
  • Drones and smart home technology will merge to bring forth residential security systems featuring drone guards
  • Smart home security technology will expand to include not only crime prevention and medical emergency but also water purity ambient air quality monitoring

On a related note, when it comes to air quality, all-in-one smart purification systems will be more widely available in 2019. An example of such a system takes data retrieved from either an internal or external smart monitoring device and initiates air purification or cleaning protocols accordingly. A premier smart air purification system of this nature utilizes a five-stage process to eliminate toxins from indoor air that include:

  • Allergens
  • Smoke
  • Volatile organic compounds

Even Smarter Appliances

The trend towards smart home appliances continues apace in 2019. Not only will an ever growing number of stoves, ovens, and refrigerators be classified as smart appliances, the interconnectivity between different individual appliances will become more prevalent this year. For example, smart stoves and ovens will be linked with smart refrigerators. Added to the mix will be companion apps that assist a person in coming up with meal menus based on the foodstuffs available in a refrigerator or freezer at a particular moment in time.

Smart Home Robots Begin to Move Center Stage

There is an understandable level of confusion regarding what constitutes a robot. Technically speaking, a robot is defined as a computer programmable machine that is capable of automatically carrying out a complex set of actions. More devices that meet the technical definition of a robot will become more prevalent in homes in 2019.

When it comes to smart home robots, particular attention should be paid to what will be a broader presentation of countertop ovens. For example, a derivation of this type of countertop oven will be available in 2019 that is capable of tasks that include perfectly cooking a three-course meal.

Enhanced Baby Tech for the Smart Home Parent

When it comes to smart home technology trends in 2019, a great deal will be happening when it comes to baby tech. A series of different high-tech products for parents with babies will become more widely available during the year, including:

  • Technologically enhanced baby monitors
  • Wearable baby monitors that track things like breathing while sleeping
  • New generation fertility trackers
  • High-tech baby and toddler food intake monitors
  • Higher-tech breast pumps

Smart Home Beauty Technology

Another area in which smart home technology takes a sizable step forward in 2019 is in the area of personal beauty and grooming. The smart vanity mirror market is expected to expand significantly during the year. These advancements will include vanity mirrors that assist in a number of ways, including:

  • Advising a user on the health of his or her skin.
  • Present what makeup will look like before it is applied.
  • Amazon Alexa is being incorporated into some smart vanity mirrors to provide positive affirmations.

Smart Lightbulbs Provide Broader Illumination

Yet another smart home trend in 2019 will focus on the seemingly lowly lightbulb. General Electric is leading the way in smart bulbs and now has a product that allows a person to control lighting by “talking to the bulb.” These smart lightbulbs respond to vocal commands and allow for different settings, including for different activities like sleep, entertainment, work, cleaning, and so forth. At the present time, these bulbs operate via Google Assistant. With that said, similar products are expected on the market in 2019 that will be accessible via other voice-activated assistants, including Amazon Alexa.

Smart home technologies are part of the offerings at the annual CES Consumer Technology Association held in Las Vegas in January of each year. The next round of developments will be presented to the world at the next high-tech confab in 2020. When it comes to smart home and other technologies, what happens at the CES confab definitely does not stay in Las Vegas.