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Home invasion has become a major problem throughout the United States. The surest way you can protect your family from a home invasion is to install a comprehensive security system at your home. In this regard, you must not overlook the importance for a formidable home security fence surrounding your residence.

Home Invasion Facts

38 percent of all assaults reported to law enforcement happen during the course of a home invasion. 60 percent of all rapes reported to law enforcement also occur during a home invasion. 3.8 million home burglaries occur in the United States each year

The Criminal Mindset

When it comes to staking out a home, a criminal is seeking one that will be easy to enter and exit. This is the case whether a criminal is planning a home invasion or a burglary.

Law enforcement investigators and criminologists report that finding an easy mark when it comes to a home invasion of burglary is a primary focus of a criminal. 60 percent of criminals will bypass a home automatically if they feel there is any type of reasonable security system in place. Thus, a homeowner is wise to convey that his or her home is well equipped with a comprehensive residential security system.

The Fence and Your Home Security System

Perhaps no element of your home security system is more important that a formidable fence. A strong security fence at your residence can keep an intruder out in the first instance. First, by definition, a fence makes it more challenging for an intruder to get onto your property in the first instance. Of course, this depends on the type of fence you install on your premises.

Second, the existence of a fences sends what many criminologists contend is a strong message to a would-be intruder. A criminal will conclude that if a homeowner has invested in a significant security fence, that homeowner is going to have other elements of a strong security system in place throughout the property.

When it comes to potential fences tat provide security for a homeowner, there at a number of types that commonly utilized in the United States and in other countries the world over. These are:

  • basic fence
  • iron and steel
  • gated fence

Basic Fence

In this day and age, the vast majority of home owners opt for what can fairly be categorized as a basic fence. These fences are installed to provide privacy and, at least in the minds of homeowners, to secure the premises.

A basic fence can be installed for a reasonable price, in most instances. This is perhaps the most compelling reason why so many homeowners are drawn to a basic fence.

Despite thinking that a basic fence provides a decent amount of security, the reality is different. Although many people rely on a basic fence as part of an overall home security effort, they really should not be doing so.

The stark reality is that wooden fence, even one with a locking gate, can be easily be penetrated by an experienced intruder. Yes, some would-be intruders do walk from a home that has even a basic fence. They may see even easier options in their sites.

With that said, a seasoned burglar or home invader can penetrate and get beyond a basic fence in no time at all. Because of this reality, stating that a basic fence provides no significant security for most people is not an exaggeration.

Iron and Steel

If you are serious about making the fence a major element of your overall home security system — and you should be serious about this — consider installing an iron and steel fence. You may balk at this suggestion for a number of reasons.

The primary reason why you may not immediately consider an iron and steel fence is because you’ve concluded it will be too expensive of a proposition for you. There is no doubt that an iron and steel gate will be more costly than a basic fence. But, you need to weigh and balance the pros and cons of both types of fences. These include considerations beyond security value of both a basic and an iron and steel fence.

The fact that the cost of an iron and steel fence will be more than a basic fence needs to be put into the broader context. A iron and steel fence is significantly more durable than any type of basic fence. In most instances, an iron and steel fence can be said to last a lifetime. In fact, this type of fence can last longer than a lifetime.

Thus, while you pay more installing an iron and steel fence in the first instance, you end up saving money over time. You will have to replace a basic fence time and again before you ever even have a thought of making any time of more major repair on an iron and steel fence.

An iron and steel fence provides optimal home security. This type of fence and be designed in such a way to be virtually impenetrable.