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Every year Behr, the well-known and well-respected paint manufacturer, announces its color of the year. 2019 is no different. At the start of the year, Behr announces that the 2019 paint color of the year is Blueprint S470-5. The company describes Blueprint as essential a denim blue, although it truly is reminiscent of the ink color on traditional blueprints. Some thoughts about the latest Behr paint color of the year are presented for your consideration.

Versatile Color Selection

One of the Behr selected Blueprint as its color of the year is because of its inherent flexibility. The company describes Blueprint as being a “perfect middle of the road blue.” Indeed, Blueprint is not too dark nor is it too light.

In regard to versatility, Blueprint is proving ideal for an array of different types of residential interior design schemes. These include:

  • country
  • casual
  • modern
  • formal

Blueprint Color Palette Themes

Behr has developed four color palette themes to compliment Blueprint as its color of the year. These are:

  • Monochromatic: layering of blue on blues
  • Earth Tone: Blueprint used with nature-inspired colors
  • Pastel: Blueprint with soft hues
  • Jewel Tone: Blueprint with rich hues

Monochromatic Theme

Although monochromatic themes can prove a bit challenging, because there are so many derivations of blue, there exist tremendous options when it comes to pairing Blueprint monochromatically. For example, when considering the use of Blueprint in a kitchen, a trio of blue hues including Blueprint can be utilized. The hues can be distributed as trim and then on the walls and cabinets.

Earth Tone Theme

Neutrals remain popular in residences in 2019. At the heart of neutral color selections are earth tones. Adding Blueprint to an earth tone theme truly adds a creative dash to a space. Indeed, the use of Blueprint can be minimalistic in a space that otherwise features neutral hues and still pop. Conversely, Blueprint an be used as the primary color in a room, with a neutral hue use to accent. The effect will be similar to that accomplished when Blueprint is the accent of choice.

Pastel Theme

Pastels are becoming more widely used on and in residences in the United States. The use of pastels still tends to be within the province of more daring homeowners who are willing to innovate. Blueprint proves to be a smart compliment to the use of pastels in a color scheme. The reality is, all derivations of pastel hues are complimented and enhanced by Blueprint. Blueprint harmonizes with any hue in the pastel category.

Jewel Tone

Jewel Tone is the moniker assigned to rich, bold paint hues. Blueprint harmonizes with jewel tone colors as easily as it does with neutrals and pastels. Already bold I their presentation, jewel tones are made even more vibrant and compelling through the addition of Blueprint in the scheme.

Interior and Exterior

Blueprint’s versatility extends to both the interior and exterior of a home. Quite like inside a residence, Blueprint can be the primary hue on the exterior of a home or it can easily be used as an accent color.

Previous Behr Color of the Year

Selecting colors of the year is a fairly new endeavor of Behr. 2019 is the second year that Behr as selected a singular color of the year. In prior years it has selected an array of different trend colors in different categories. The 2018 Behr color of the year was In the Moment, a blue-green selection.

Some home design professionals have made mention that the 2019 Behr color of the year, Blueprint, has chameleon qualities. They make this statement because a broad spectrum of colors with which Blueprint compliments or harmonizes.