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If you are like many gardeners, you may be very proud of your planting and cultivating prowess, but not so happy with the full presentation of your garden. For example, you may have real concerns about the appearance of your garden fence.

Many gardeners like you find themselves particularly concerned with the look and appearance of their garden fence. As is the case with many gardeners, you don’t have extra money lying about through which you can embark on a major overhaul of your fencing.

Fear not. All is not lost. There are some relatively simple, highly affordable, and even fun steps you an take to enhance the appearance of an existing garden fence.

Paint, Paint, Paint

As is the case with so many elements of a residence, one fairly simple and usually economical step you can take to improve the appearance of your garden fence is to paint it.

You certainly can take a basic approach to the idea of painting your garden fence. You can paint it white. The fact is that a white fence is nearly always going to be a nice accent to a garden. In fact, it is truly hard to imagine any instance in which a white fence would not smartly compliment any type of garden.

You don’t have to confine yourself to something as basic as white, however. When it comes to paint and your garden fence, you really have few limitations. You truly can express your creativity when it comes to paint and your garden fence. In fact, if you’re feeling bold, you can go a bit wild when it comes to pain colors and your garden fence.

If you are dealing with a garden fence in your backyard, you can be more experimental when it comes to design and color. You may want to consider being a bit more reserved in the boldness area if the garden fence is at the front of the house. You do have to be mindful of considerations such as curb appeal and your neighbors.


A fairly simple step you can take to enhance the look of your garden fence without spending much money at all is plant some type of ivy. You can also consider grape or wood vine as an option when it comes to sprucing up the appearance if your garden fence.

Growing ivy or some similar type of vine on a garden fence conveys something of a rustic feel Indeed, it can render the look of your garden to be something akin to what is seen in rural England.

Ivy and other types of vines are easy to plant. Depending on the type of garden fence you have in place, these plants will grow about the fence with little help from you. For example, if you have a lattice or picket style fence, ivy and vines will readily grow about the slats and posts.


You can affordably enhance your garden fence by using some type of theme in brining it to life. For example, if your gardening efforts involve your children, you might include them into the discussion of a theme. If you have a picket fence, the individual pickets can be decorated to appear as crayons.

In many ways, the types of theme you can select to enhance a garden fence virtually are endless. On so many levels, you are confined only by your sense of creativity and your willingness to experiment and explore.

Pots and Planters

Yet another economical step you can take to enhance a garden fence is to truly make it a part of the garden itself You accomplish this by hanging pots and planters on the fence itself. Keep in mind that you can do this on both sides of the fence to make full use of it.

You have great variety when it comes to deciding what to plant in the pots. For example, you can cultivate different types of herbs in various pots. You might consider smaller planters that are filled with different types of flowers. In the end, you may find the fence garnering more attention and acclaim than the garden itself.


Finally, you can decorate the fence. This means more than just painting it or adopting a theme. Decorating can be part of those processes, but it means much more

By way of example, you can attach bird houses of different types, designs, and colors to the fence. You can select bird houses than might even attract garden friendly birds to the spot.