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Responsible Building

Green building can best be described as a set of parameters that reduces the environmental impact the home has during construction and the use of the home.

Green building starts with the design of the home and it’s location on the property. It continues with the use of building materials that have a low environmental impact, reduce waste and are made from recycled material or renewable recourses. And it ends with energy efficient appliances and highly efficient mechanical systems.

Apart from the reduced environmental impact, a green home is also good for you because it offers better air quality, is quieter and is built to minimize chemicals, mold and other harmful substances.


Eco-Friendly can be gorgeous.

Green building also has a positive impact on your finances. They are built stronger, require less maintenance, cost less to heat and cool and usually demand a higher resale price – should you ever want to sell the home.

Arm River Builders is a member of the Green Building Initiative of the Greater Houston Builders Association and a member of the Energy star program. Click below to learn more about how we assure that your new home is a green building.

They are built to higher standards in terms of energy efficiency, environmental impact and provide a healthier living environment. Although there are some restrictions to what we can do on Spec homes (both financial and in terms of saleability) we strive to offer a superior product and follow strict minimum guidelines:

This list already represents a huge improvement over other Spec homes in the neighborhood we are building in, but even this list can be dramatically improved when building an Arm River Builders custom home.


We design our homes specifically for the building site or make adjustments to existing designs in order to:

  • Maximize yard space
  • Preserve as many trees as possible
  • Locate windows primarily on the East and North walls
  • Minimize the number of windows that face South and West or provide shading overhangs
  • Where possible we reduce the wall surfaces facing South or West


Our homes have a structural envelope that is 50% more energy efficient than homes built to code:

  • Our design services include Energy Star Certification
  • We use 6” wall construction or SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) wall panels
  • The envelope is air tight to prevent leakage of energy (tested with blower door test)
  • All windows and doors meet or exceed Energy Star requirements
  • All roofs are decked with Techshield to reduce radiation heat entering the building
  • All homes are built with Zip Panel technology for a superior exterior envelope seal

Mechanical Systems

We use high quality mechanical systems to reduce the energy consumption:

  • We specify 15 SEER AC units as standard
  • Programmable thermostats allow exact control of temperature levels
  • Our homes are equipped with tankless water heaters

Appliance and Lights

  • We install ceiling fans in all bedrooms family rooms and living rooms
  • Major appliances are energy star rated
  • We provide gas and electricity connection for washers and dryers
  • Gas cooktops and high performance ventilation reduce energy consumption and heat gain inside the building
  • Recessed light fixtures are sized for low energy light bulbs
  • Task lights and dimmers allow lighting control

Green Materials

  • Where possible we use renewable and sustainable materials for framing, doors and flooring
  • We always consider materials with recycled content
  • We use non-chemical, bio-based cleaning products