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Most of the homes in the United States do not have adequate insulation. Prior to the mid-1970’s, insulation was not a building requirement in most places. This means that 40 million homes are under-insulated. It also means high energy bills for consumers. When many people think of insulation, they think of either the old asbestos type, the puffy pink fiberglass type, or the Styrofoam type with the aluminum coating on one side. Modern eco-friendly insulation is typically sprayed on in the needed places- between the walls and in the attic. Many people are even insulating their crawlspaces and basements. Insulation keeps the heat in during winter’s chill or the cool air in while the outdoors bakes in the summer sun. The right insulation also keeps out noise, outside dust and dirt, and dampness during the rainy spring and fall.

Insulating your home can save 40 to 50% on energy bills, year-round. If your family has allergies or asthma to worry about, then the newer spray-insulation is an excellent choice for you, whether you are remodeling an existing home or building a new one, because this insulation will protect your family from more than just the weather. Spray-on insulation will pay for itself in only a short time in a remodeling project, and is well worth it in energy savings in new construction.