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One of the most important choices when constructing or renovating your home is location. Any realtor will tell you that location, location, location are the three most important considerations. People who are building green homes are also looking at sustainability in their choice of location. So what is a sustainable location?

Simply, a sustainable location is one in which the home will have little to no impact on endangered animal habitat or endangered plant species. This generally means that green homes are built on sites which are already zoned for residential construction, or existing homes are renovated or razed to construct a new home. These will be relatively densely populated, to prevent more urban sprawl. Many people also construct smaller homes to reduce environmental impact, rather than huge sprawling homes. Sprawling luxury homes are, of  course, still available, if that is what you want when you construct or renovate a green home. Smaller homes, however, use less water and less energy than larger homes. Whether you go big or go small with your green home, you can rest assured that sustainability is a factor in all areas of the building and remodeling of green homes.