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We see commercials and talk to other people interested in green building and sustainability, we hear the term LEED often. In the previous post, we explained a little about location and sustainability. So, what is LEED?

Simply, LEED is :

LEED means Leadership іn Energy аnd Environmental Design аnd іt refers tο residential properties thаt meet сеrtаіn specific criteria relative tο:

(1) thе site itself οn whісh thе building іѕ built;
(2) thе location οf thе structure relative tο shopping, schools, parks, аnd ѕο forth (called linkages;
(3) water efficiency (both іn thе structure аnd οn thе site);
(4) energy аnd atmosphere;
(5) awareness аnd education;
(6) materials аnd resources (whаt thе house іѕ built οf); аnd
(7) indoor environmental quality.

Since sustainability in location and building materials, water conservation, and indoor environmental comfort, health and sustainability are such integral parts of the green home puzzle, make sure your contractor understands LEED, and look for a portfolio of completed sustainable and green home projects that you can review when you choose your homebuilder.

Since green homes are usually built in areas which are more densely populated to prevent urban sprawl and preserve the environment, one of the LEED linkages is how close the home is to schools, parks, shopping, and other conveniences of modern life that many people enjoy. Especially for busy families, and empty nesters, these convenient locations allow for the enjoyment of the better things in life, without the need to burn carbon-based fuels to get where you want to go. You can build a green home, educate yourself and others about sustainability and conserving the environment, without sacrificing comfort, convenience or your own principles about conservation. LEED- the way home.