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A lush, green lawn looks beautiful, especially when it surrounds a lovely home. Most green homes do not have traditional lawns. The reason for this is simple. Lawns take a lot of water, which cannot be used for anything else after the grass has been hydrated. This is great for the lawn, but not so great for the environment. A green home does have landscaping, but yards or lawns are kept to a minimum. Using native plants is always best, and green homes do this, using plants which are hardy and require less water than grass. This is especially good in more arid or drought-prone climates.

Another thing done by green builders and landscapers is that gray water- like the used water from washing the dishes or taking a shower, but not the black water created after the toilet is flushed- Is diverted into a filter system, then is fed to the plants using a timed drip system. This  prevents or slows evaporation. This way, plants use the gray water effectively, with no waste. Not having a lawn in the pop-culture sense doesn’t have to be barren or made of cemeant. Hardy Native plants can add a pleasant flair to the look of the home. Skip the lawn.