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We’ve spoken before about skipping the lawn when you build a green home here at That does not mean that landscaping is unimportant. Modern green homes do have landscaping. Rather than using sod or grass around the house that must be mowed and trimmed at least weekly, consider using native plants around your home in plant beds that can easily be watered with the gray water recycling systems. If your area is very drought-prone, you could use various cacti rather than grass or topiaries that require a lot of care and watering.

You can also use native stone to create rock beds for decorative purposes around your home. These, of course, require no water and very little maintenance. There are many ways to use native plants around your home to give a completed and relaxing feel to the outside of your home that requires little maintenance and can be cared for with gray water. Gray water, is, of course, the water recycled from showers and dishwashing and laundry, not black water, which is sewage. If you like to garden, you can still have a plot in the back yard for vegetables and flowers, or a solarium to grow plants that are not native to the area. It’s up to you. You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful and satisfying yard for environmental safety and friendliness. All you have to do is use your imagination and use native plants and/ot native stone in your landscaping choices.