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 A geothermal heat pump will both heat and cool your home when you need it most, using the Earth’s natural passive energy, and very little electricity. It is sustainable, eco-friendly, and it saves lots of money on your energy bills. You don’t even have the ugly looking traditional heat pump outside your home. The geothermal heating and cooling system is run by a pump which is roughly half the size (or smaller) than a traditional outdoor heat pump, and uses less electricity than a refrigerator to run. It works by running a pipe with special refrigerant in a loop underground to relay the hot air out of the building and the cool air in. In winter, it circulates heat from the earth into the building, and the cold air out of the building. Geothermal systems like this still have the 30% tax credit for installation, as well. That is not a deduction, its 30% right off the top of your yearly taxes. These heat pumps require little maintenance and use a regular thermostat to control the temperature inside your home. If you install them as part of your mortgage, your payoff comes in 6-8 years on a 30-year mortgage. After that, your energy savings are all yours.