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You wouldn’t dream of not insulating the exterior walls of your home. You want to conserve as much energy as possible, and have your home as comfortable as you can. After all, it is your sanctuary from the world. Make certain your exterior walls are insulated well. When aggregate siding is placed on the outside of your home in the finishing stages of construction, the structure is often wrapped in a special type of plastic that protects your home from the elements while the crews work on finishing the home to your specifications. Make certain that your green builder uses insulation with a high R-value, such as foam panel insulation on the exterior walls between the special wrapping and the aggregate siding. Ask your builder if the insulation has a high enough R-value for your area. No matter the R-value, make certain your builder seals the insulated outer walls well before hanging the aggregate siding. This will keep energy costs down, keep dust out, because the home is airtight, and it keeps the noise pollution from the surrounding area out. This is an especially nice feature if you live in an area where there is a lot of traffic, or where there are many neighbors close by, because it makes your home much quieter, and therefore, easier to enjoy. Exterior insulation helps your home be the quiet sanctuary you desire, while saving you money on energy bills. It’s a win-win.