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Texas Building Codes Going Green This Month!

The New Year is upon us, and with that, usually there comes change. In Texas, that means that starting in January, building codes will go green. Many people fear that Texans will lose jobs to this initiative, but that is not the case. The same workers can and will do the same job, with a little extra training. Hanging a more energy-efficient window is no different than hanging any other residential window. Painting with non-toxic paint is done the same way as before; even the siding on the house is hung the same way. The new law may create some work for irrigation installers and landscapers, among many others.

Most of the things Texas is requiring are things good builders already do. Upgrading windows to make them airtight, checking any ductwork for leaks, making certain a fireplace has a glass door and a gasket, to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. An experienced green builder will go the extra mile to be sure your new home is as green and as safe as it can be. Texas’ new laws will save a lot of energy, thereby conserving the environment.

The new laws are expected to save 15% on energy costs each year for single-family new construction.