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The former Prudential Building, built in 1952 to be the company’s Southwest Headquarters, was imploded Sunday using high explosives. The building was scheduled to be taken down before 8:15 AM on Sunday, January 8. Fog and other conditions postponed the event until 11:15 AM. This creates an obvious hole in the southwestern Houston skyline that has been a landmark for nearly 60 years. Not to worry- M.D. Anderson Cancer center plans to put a newer, better building in its place. This will replace the current hole in Houston’s skyline, while preventing urban sprawl.

The Prudential Building was  purchased by the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in 1974, to be used to care for cancer patients and research the disease. In 1980, it was made the main building for the cancer center. Now the Cancer Center will build a new center, with more light, more passive sustainability, and rather than use a building which may not be structurally sound- it was closed down in 2010- the MD Anderson Cancer Center will have a newer, better building in which to help cancer patients survive and hopefully, one day, eradicate this disease we call cancer.