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Houston has been among the fastest to recover from the economic downturn. Corporate relocations have been soaring since 2008. The city has reclaimed its title as oil capital of the US, and jobs have returned to Houston faster than in any other city. Add to this a low cost of living, and Houston looks pretty attractive for both native Houstonians and those looking to relocate. According to most estimates, jobs have grown by 13,000 at the end of 2011, putting Houston in the top four cities to recover from the serious economic crash of 2008. New home construction is rising in the Houston/ Houston Metro area at a rapid rate, as well. With all the amenities Houston has to offer- high-end shopping, convenience in location and a low crime rate for a city of its size, Houston looks like a very appealing place to relocate with a family. The feel of Houston is diverse and young, and there are plenty of museums and other great family-friendly activities, as well as night clubs, dancing and fine dining. All in all, very few could be disappointed in their choice to move to Houston. With all the favorable news reports about Houston and her growth in building, jobs, and population, it would seem there is no reason not to move to Houston. It is one of the greenest cities in America, and even the City Administration has begun to drive electric or hybrid cars to help reduce emissions and air pollution. Why Houston? It’s the best place in America to be right now!