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Building Associations and Government reports alike tell the story. In 2011, estimated green construction (including remodels) was $17 Billion. In 2016, that number is expected to rise to between 87 and 114 Billion Dollars in the U.S. alone. This means there is not only a good outlook for the economy, but that people are seeing the benefits had by their friends and neighbors who have green homes. As word of mouth spreads about the energy efficiency, energy savings through production of energy, among the other great benefits of having a green home compared to a traditional home. The ease of taking care of the landscaping that comes from the natural surroundings, and the lack of a huge lawn to care for, as well as the readily-available grey water used to water the plants in the landscaping, only add to the appeal, especially with today’s ever- active lifestyle. It seems that by mid-century, there will no longer be a traditional builder available, but that all new homes will be built around green concepts and design. This will be good, not only for families and other consumers, such as businesses and schools, but for the Earth herself.